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Dutch Asset Recovery


Dutch Asset Recovery is a full service asset recovery management and debt purchasing company that is committed to establishing unmatched standards of performance. Dutch Asset Recovery is a strategic partner to many of the largest credit issuers in the Netherlands. We offer a full range of solutions across a vast array of asset classes that includes Business Transactions made and done in the Netherlands


Our servicing platforms are enhanced by an outstanding team of employees as well as application of the latest technology to maximize performance on behalf of our partners. Allow us to customize a solution for you!


Our staff


Our highly skilled staff is committed to enhance the welfare of our clients, fellow employees and partners through operational excellence via the implementation of efficient, thoughtful account receivable strategies.


As a full service asset receivable management firm, Dutch Asset Recovery has an established team that specializes in the recovery of third party debt. This discipline requires knowledge of industry-specific laws and regulations.


Portfolio Acquisition


Dutch Asset Recovery has put together a team of professionals whose experience exceeds 10 years and hundreds transactions. We strive to create and develop meaningful long term relationships that extract the highest value for our clients' portfolios.


Dutch Asset Recovery firmly believes that our responsibility to our clients extends beyond the debt sale date. We are committed to providing exceptional post sale service partnering with our client to create an ease of transition as we work together on put-backs, recalls, and document retrieval.



Asset Recovery

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